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Adding Rounds

A round allows you to filter candidates in batches, allowing only the ones you have selected to go to the next round. Find out more about rounds here.

It's best to add rounds before you invite judges, as these belong to rounds. Each round requires you to manually select and confirm the candidates going unto the next round. 

Each round has the following dates:

  • Judging closes - this is the date by which you want judges to have finished scoring entries, this will be disabled until you have invited judges to this round.
  • Announcement Date (Date) - when the results are published. This will begin the next round or, if this is the final round, end the opportunity.

Rounds begin as soon as submissions close, or when the previous round ends.

Zealous will ask you to confirm your selection for a round as soon as:

  • If you have judges - Judging ends for that round.
  • If you have no judges - The previous round ends

Zealous will always wait for you to manually confirm the selection before going unto the next round. 

  • If you confirm the selection before the announcement date, Zealous will wait for the announcement date to let candidates and judge know the next round has started
  • If you confirm the selection after the announcement date, Zealous will inform candidates and judges the next round has begun, immediately.

To add rounds:

  • Log in
  • Go to your opportunity dashboard
  • Click on Rounds on the bottom left menu
  • Click on Add Round. Rounds will always be added before the final round.
  • If you want to customise the name of your round, edit it to be what you want.
  • Change the judging closes and announcement dates - these dates will need to be after the round before it, and before the round after it (see sequential order below).
  • If you want, add another round
Judging closes date will be editable if you invite judges to this round
  • Click Save Changes at the top right of the page
Note - an error may be thrown if the dates you have selected are not in sequential order (e.g. submissions open needs to happen before submissions close). Your dates should be in the following order:
  1. Submissions open
  2. Submissions close
  3. Round 1 judging closes.
  4. Round 1 announcement.
  5. Round 2 judging closes. (if you have 2 or more rounds)
  6. Round 2 announcement. (if you have 2 or more rounds)
  7. Round ... judging closes. (if you have ... or more rounds)
  8. Round ... announcement.(if you have ... or more rounds)