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Registering to take submissions

Zealous has two types of accounts - one to take submissions and one to make submissions. If you are looking to make submissions please refer to this article here.
  • Click on Join at the top right of the page.
  • This will highlight the two types of accounts you can select. Click on Create Opportunity.
  • Fill in your full name (e.g. Jane Smith), email address and password.
If you already have an account with us the platform may stop you from registering. Instead login. You will find the login button at the bottom of the registration panel.
  • In the second step, please fill in your town/city, company and phone number.
  • Optionally select to receive insights on boosting submissions to your opportunity.
If you don't have a company, you can repeat your name within this field.
  • That's it! The next step will be to create your first opportunity.