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Removing your profile

This action is not reversible. Once you have deleted your profile it cannot be restored.
  • Please make sure you are logged in
  • Go to your settings page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the large red "Remove your account" button. 
  • This will ask you to confirm that you are happy with the deletion of all elements on your profile (including any submissions you have made). Select all the boxes and click delete
Please note, if you are in the process of taking submissions, you will not be able to remove your profile directly. This is a security to make sure all candidates who have applied to your call are made aware of the cancellation of your opportunity. You will need to close all your open opportunties first before you are allowed to delete your profile.  

Once you have deleted your account, we will automatically send a request to Google to remove any content we have hosted on your behalf from its search results. This may take a little time since we cannot control when Google makes it's updates. 

It's sad to see you go. If you have any further feedback for our team to make our services better. Please don't hesitate to email us on [email protected]