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View/Change your username

Your username is automatically assigned to you when you register. This is usually your full name in lowercase. All usernames are unique, so if a user with your name already exists it is likely your username will include a number at the end of it.

To view and edit your username :

  • Please Log in
  • Under your profile photo in the top menu on the right, click Settings
  • Scroll to the Change Username section of the Setting page. Here you can see the username that was attributed to you.
  • To edit your username, change the value in the white username field and click save.
The link to your portfolio can be found on right in the grey box. You can even shorten it further by removing the www (so in this case zealous.co/davidbowie)
On occasion you may not be able to choose a username as it is already in use. If this is the case please choose another.