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How can I save time submitting?

Reusing elements on your portfolio

  • Any project you have uploaded to Zealous, can be reused when you are applying to other calls. These are duplicated for you, so you can edit them independently of each other (i.e. if you submit to call A and call B, and reuse the same project. Editing it on call B won't edit your submission to call A).

When making multiple submissions to the same call

  • You'll only need to fill the application form once. For any future submissions we'll automatically fill in the application form for you. Fear not though, you can still make edits to each individual submission.
  • If the opportunity takes a payment, you can buy all the submissions you want to make in one go. We'll skip that step for all additional submissions you have bought.

Have any ideas for future improvements - let us know [email protected]