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Separating works into individual submissions

You've submitted multiple works in one submission, but the organisation hosting the call would like them separated? No problem, this is quick to fix (no need to re-upload everything again)
  • Log in
  • In My Opportunities on the top menu, select My Submissions
  • Zealous will remind you on this page if you have any unused submissions you have paid for. 
  • Click Submit another
  • Accept the Guidelines at the bottom of the page
  • In the Submission step select Choose from Portfolio. Pick the project you made previously (if you've made multiple submissions that look the same pick the one furthest down the list).
  • Select the project you submitted previously, with all the images in it. This will load up all the previously uploaded information for you.
  • Keep one image in the project (the one for this submission), delete all the others.
  • Press Next at the bottom of the page to go to the next step
  • The application form is automatically loaded for you, make sure no questions need to be updated for this specific submission.
  • Press Next to complete your submission.
  • Repeat these steps for each individual submission that needs to be made.
  • Finally don't forget to update the first submission you made, and delete all the other images that were added to other submissions.
As soon as you have made all the required submissions the box below will disappear. You will also get an email confirming you have used up all your submissions.