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Submitting on Zealous

When submitting on Zealous you will be asked to fill out your submission in the following steps:

Guidelines Submission Application Form Payment optional ▶ Confirmation

This process highlights making one submission. If you wish to make multiple submissions, you will need to go the process again for each one. But don't worry, we've put steps in place to save you time for all additional submissions. See a breakdown of each step below
  • Guidelines

Read and accept the guidelines to the opportunity you are submitting to.

Some organisations may want you to submit only one element per submission, others will ask you for a series, or even a proposal. The guidelines will highlight their needs, so be sure to read them!
  • Submission

Add all media needed for your application. This could be a single work of art, a series of work, a proposal with many elements, a CV. Follow the guidelines to ensure you know what the organisation hosting the call needs from you. The organisation may also add confirmation boxes at the bottom of this page, which should help you identify what to put here.

To save you time - if you've submitted to previous calls, or have projects on your portfolio. You will be able to reuse them here. Reusing a project creates a copy, so editing it will not impact your portfolio or previous submissions.
  • Application Form

Here you will find any question the organisation wishes you to answer, as well as your contact details. These are saved as you go, so you don't lose any of your answer.

If you are submitting multiple times to the same call, we will save you time and automatically fill this form out for you. You will of course be able to edit to reflect this specific submission.
  • Fee Payment

This step will only exist if the organisation hosting the call takes a fee for you to submit. Here you will be able to choose the package you want to pay for. This could be as simple as £X for 1 submission, or £X for 3 submissions. 

Buying multiple submissions here means you will skip this step for future submissions (it acts as a credit). Paying for the right package may also save you money, since some organisations do discounts (e.g. £X for 3 submissions).
  • Confirmation of Submission

As soon as you reach the last step, you'll be forwarded to your submissions page. Here you will see all submissions you have made on Zealous, and their status. You will also receive an email confirming each submission you make. If the submission shows as draft or pending payment it will not be considered by the host of the call. Please be sure to complete it before the submission deadline.