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Reopening submissions

It's always better to extend your submissions deadline before they end. However you can extend submissions even once your submissions deadline has passed, but there are a few things you need to know before doing so.

Zealous sends the following emails when your submissions close. Reopening your submissions after submissions close may lead to some confusing communication.

  1. Any judges invited to the round after submissions close will be informed judging has started as soon as your submissions close. This gives them access to logging in and scoring entries. Reopening submissions will lead to the link in the email failing (they cannot score when submissions are opened. It's worth sending them an email to let them know you have extended the submissions closing date, and the date they will be able to begin judging on manually.
  2. Candidates with draft submissions will be informed to complete their submission 2 days before submissions close. 

Emails will not be sent again to judges and candidates on the new closing date. This is to make sure the platform doesn't spam its users. However, any drafts made 2 days before submissions close, who didn't receive a reminder, will get it 2 days before your new submissions closing date.

To find out how to reopen your submissions, click here.