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Judging overview

You've probably come across this article because an organisation has added you as a judge for one of their call-outs. As soon as they do, we will email you to confirm your involvement.

Judging on Zealous was made to be as simple as possible so you spend less time worrying about the process, and more time on the candidates. This article will give you a brief overview of the process

Should you have no interest in taking part, click the Declining it link directly in the email. This will take you to Zealous to confirm you have declined it, and let the organisation know you won't be taking part. 

โš ๏ธPlease make sure you register with the same email you received the invitation to, otherwise you will not have access to your judging panel.

Confirming your involvement

Should you wish to take part, click on the Accepting this request link.

  • If you have an account with us, the platform will require you to log in to confirm you want to take part.  
  • If you don't have an account yet, Zealous will require you to register, this will allows you to come back and score entries at any time, and keeps applications secure.
If you've lost the email, you can go to Zealous and register as an organisation - so long as you use the same email address we sent the invitation to, your account will show the judging request.
  • As soon as you log in or register, Zealous will bring you to your alerts.  
If the platform doesn't bring you straight to alerts, click on the icon on the top right of the menu.
  • The first alert you are shown should be the request to judge. Click Accept or Ignore
  • Accepting will automatically email the organisation to say you will take part. Zealous will then email you once judging is opened
  • Ignoring will inform the organisation you cannot take part and will not list you on their page.

When Judging Opens

We will email you as soon as judging opens, with a link to start scoring, the email will also contain the date at which judging ends, so you can manage your time during this period.

You can begin judging at any time by clicking the link in the email; or logging into Zealous directly, clicking on your alerts in the top menu, and clicking on the relevant alert to begin scoring.

Scoring Entries

Zealous will show you an overview of all the entries you can score. You can then click on any entry to see the details of the application. You can come back to this overview at any time, and change any of the scores you have given, before the judging deadline.


Scores on Zealous go from 1 - 7, where 1 is a bad score and 7 is a good score.

The range was chosen to ensure the range isn't too broad (the bigger the range the slower the decision) but broad enough to allow a clear winner. 7 also ensures you always commit to slightly liking or disliking an entry (there is no neutral option). 


All entries contain the submission (the default view shown above) and the application form. You can navigate from one to the other with the buttons just below the scoring bar.


Once you have scored an entry, it will be auto-saved and the next entry will automatically show up. You can also use the left and right buttons to skip entries.


The side menu will show you how many submissions you have left to score.


To go back to the overview of all submissions, you can click "Back to Shortlist Round" on the left. The title of the button will vary depending on the name of the round you are scoring.


The overview will now show you all scored entries in order of highest to lowest score. All the entries will be colour coded; allowing you a quick visual cue of its current standing. To continue scoring, click on the "Continue Scoring" button at the top right. This will automatically bring you to the next entry needing a score.undefined


You can change your score from the entry directly, or on the overview by clicking the "Change Score" button on the entry you wish to edit.


On clicking the button, the scores will be displayed for you to choose from.


Once you have completed scoring all entries, you can let the organisation know by clicking the "Confirm Scores" button on the top right. 

Organisations will be able to see all your scores regardless of you confirming them - this function exists solely for you to be able to review your scores once you have completed them; and let them know you're done.