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Score a specific entry

Finding specific entries you would like to edit the score for, or re-organising the entries to score a specific category, or list only unscored entries is very easy.

You will need to make sure to go to the judging overview page first. 


Here you will see the filter widget on the side menu on the left.


The filter will allow you to:

  • Find entries by the artists' name or entry title
  • Show all entries without a score
  • Show only entries between two score values (e.g. between 6-7)
  • List entries of a specific category
  • Sort entries by Score, Date, Title and Applicants' Name (only available when anonymous judging is switched off).

For example, if I remembered the name of the submission to contain "Straw", I knew I scored it a 6 and it was in Category C. This would allow me to find the submission very quickly.


For here you can click into the application, or change the score for it.