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Adding works to Submissions

Zealous allows you to upload, embed and add rich text to your submission. These can be used to represent works or art, or elements of a proposal or body of works. What you upload to any given submission will be based on the organisation who is hosting the opportunity. Best refer to the Guidelines to see what they want you to submit here.

Also note that you can add phyical attributes (e.g. size of a painting) and prices to uploaded images. (click on the links to find out how).


Upload media

  • Click on choose files, or drag files directly onto the box. 
  • You can upload multiple files at the same time. The uploader accepts the following file types:
    • Images - jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tiff, tif
    • Video - mp4, webm, ogg
    • Documents - pdf, xml, doc, xlsx, xls, open office
    • Music - mp3, wav, ogg
The max upload size is currently set at 1Gb, but we would highly recommend you to keep your files small so judges don't need to wait for your work to load up. Please refer to these guidlines for best file sizes

Embed Media

  • Click on Embed Media
  • this will add a row for you to provide a URL to the content you wish to embed. 

Add Rich Text

  • Click on Add Text
  • This will add a text segment to the page
  • Here you can copy and paste information from a Word file. This will strip out some of the formatting but should keep most of the format correct. You may however need to correct some of the spacing between paragraphs.