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Candidate - Results - Commiserations

Let candidates who didn't make the selection know that they were unsuccessful


To anyone who wasn't selected for a round, sent on the round announcement date.

If the results were confirmed after the round announcement date, these email will go out as soon as the selection is made - unless your announcement date was more than a month ago - in which case no emails will be sent.

New Email Format

As of Jan 14th 2021 - we have upgraded our emails to be branded to come from you directly - all opportunities drafted after this date will use the new template - any call drafted prior to that will use the legacy template at the bottom of this page. 
Elements in italics below are filled out automatically to match your own details
  • From
  • Reply to
    • Your email address
  • Subject
    • Opportunity Name results for Project Title
  • Content
  • Variables (in red)
    • Logo - your profile picture
    • Name - candidates first name
    • Project Title - the title of the entry
    • Opportunity Name - the name of your call out
    • Organisation Name - your company
    • optional Category - the category the submission was made for  
  • Conditions (in green)
    • If a submission is made in a specific category, the category will be added to the email. If no categories exist, this text will not be shown.
  • Links (in blue)
    • your submission here - goes to the candidates "My Submissions" page.
    • A world of creative opportunities - the Zealous website.  

Legacy Email Format

⚠️This template has now been deprecated. It will only be used for opportunities drafted prior to Jan 14th 2021 to ensure any candidates who have submitted to those calls have a seamless journey. All new opportunities will default to the template above. 
Elements in italics below are filled out automatically to match your own details
  • From
  • Subject
    • Your project was not selected for Opportunity Name
  • Content
  • Links
    • More opportunities out there - explore other opportunities on Zealous
    • Matching creative talent - links to an explanation of our services.