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Confirming your selection

At the end of each round, you will be required to confirm the candidates going unto the next round. If this is your last round, these will be the "winners" of your opportunity.

Making your selection is quick and easy:

  • Log in and go to your opportunity
  • Click on the purple button at the top right of your dashboard. This will usually say Go to followed by the name of the round you chose.
  • This will display the list of candidates in that round.
  • You can select candidates directly from the list by clicking the select button.
If you had judges score this round, this view will show you the average score for each candidate in order of most popular to least popular. You can also order all entries by public vote to help you make your selection. 
  • Or should you wish to view the full submission, click on the candidate of your choice then make the selection from their application directly.
  • Once you have finished selecting all the candidates, you'll need to confirm your selection.
    • If the announcement date for the rounds is in the future - Candidates won't be sent the results of the round until the announcement date for that round is reached. Any future rounds won't open until then either.
    • If the announcement date is in the past - Candidates will be informed immediately, and should there be a selection round after this one, it will open.
    • Selections made more than a month late will not email any of the candidates.