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Creating your first opportunity

First things first, welcome to Zealous! 

Creating your first opportunity won't take long at all, the first step captures the basics from you and creates a draft of your open call. Once this is done you will be able to edit further information (how many rounds you have, fees taken, application form...) before making public by publishing it.

Create your first opportunity by following these steps.

  • Log in or create an account with us
  • If you haven't been brought directly to creating an opportunity, go to My opportunities in the top menu and click on Create opportunity.
  • This screen contains the minimum amount of information required for you to take submissions on Zealous. You can edit these fields once the opportunity has been created
  • Fill out the overview section
This information represents what candidates will see when the opportunity is listed on our pages. To get the most attention use impactful imagery (ideally without text) and a short description which highlights why candidates should apply (think of it as an elevator pitch). Also worth noting it's best to keep titles as short as possible. To do so you can remove the name of your organisation in the name of your opportunity - since they will be shown alongside each other anyway.
  • Fill in what talent do you need & where should the talent be based
Both these sections will help us recommend your opportunity to members of our network. Zealous will recommend your call to users in a specific set of fields (e.g. Art, Film) or a set of roles (e.g. Painter, Musician..). It will also restrict your call to people in specific areas. You can separate multiple locations, roles, and fields with a comma.
  • Add key dates (submissions open, close and the final announcement)
The schedule automatically undertakes specific actions on your behalf on specific dates. When creating your opportunity we'll only focus on the key dates, you will be able to add rounds once the opportunity has been drafted. You can find out more about the opportunity life-cycle here.
  • Add your rewards
Focussing on what is in it for candidates to submit will increase submissions dramatically. The rewards section was built to make what's in it for selected candidates as transparent as possible.
  • Add your guidelines (you can copy-paste them directly from a word file, or upload pdf files)
This is an open field which allows you to let users know what they need to submit, you can paste content directly in this box copied from a word document. You can also upload PDF files, images and more to make this opportunity as clear as possible to candidates.
You can also upload and embed videos of past opportunities, and sponsors. These all build excitement to submit to your call.
  • Click draft opportunity
  • You will be forwarded to your opportunities dashboard. It is currently in draft, allowing you to update submission fees, add judges, rounds, customise your application form and more. 
Your opportunity will not be visible to anyone until you publish it