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Delete Round

Warning - Removing a round will remove all judges and scores for that round - this cannot be undone. This may also slow down loading submissions as the database will need to rebuild the next round. 

You cannot delete a Round if:

  • If the Round has started (please note that a Round starts when the previous Round ends e.g. in the image below, Round 2 started on April 20th 2020, when Round 1 ended)
  • If it is the only Round
  • If its the first Round (i.e. in the example image below, it would be Round 1) AND you started taking submissions already 

If a round you wish to delete has started then the best option is for you to edit the dates so it ends quickly, so you can start the next round (be mindful if you have judges in the round, you might need to delete them and move them to another round).

To delete rounds:

  • Log in
  • Go to your opportunity dashboard
  • Click on Schedule & Rounds on the bottom left menu
  • Click on the gear on the right of the round you wish to edit. (if the round is showing a pencil, it means you can't remove it - see notes above about what rounds you can delete)
  • Click remove round
If you are deleting a round that includes judges, it's worth letting them know. Since they will have been emailed to confirm their involvement. Moving them to other rounds on Zealous will lead to another email being sent out to them.