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Downgrading my package?

You can downgrade your package at any time, as long as the new package you have selected is:

  • Bigger than the number of submissions you have taken within the calendar year. (e.g. You've taken 200 submissions across the year, you cannot downgrade to any packages with less than 200 submissions until your submissions are reset).
  • Allows for the functionality you are using on any currently opened calls (e.g. If you are currently judging an opportunity across 3 rounds, you will not be able to go from a pro plan to a basic plan).

You can downgrade your package by logging in and going to your plans page, selecting the new packages, and clicking the downgrade package. 

Downgrading your account will have no impact on currently running open calls, as long as you don't reach the submissions limit. If you reach the submissions limit, your account will be frozen.