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Editing Rounds

You can edit (make changes) to your rounds at any time before the round is confirmed. However you cannot delete a round that has already started (please note that a round starts when the previous round ends). e.g. If today's date was October 24th 2019, because judging for the Shortlist Round would have started on October 22nd, deleting the Shortlist Round will mean that you will lose all the scores that were allocated between October 22nd and 24th.


Rounds are confirmed manually, they will not automatically be confirmed on the date of the announcement. Read more about rounds here
Please note that editing the current round may make previous automated communication with judges inaccurate (e.g. dates to start judging / end judging). If you have invited judges and are editing the dates for their round - we advise you email them to let them know the judging dates have changed.

To edit rounds:

  • Log in
  • Go to your opportunity dashboard
  • Click on Schedule & Rounds on the bottom left menu. This should show you the following page.
  • Click on the pencil or gear icon on the right of the round you (the gear indicates many options for this round - e.g. edit and delete. The pencil indicates only one option e.g. edit). Select "Edit Round".
  • Edit the dates you wish to change.
Please note you will not be able to select dates and times that overlap with other rounds - if you are unable to select a date you want, be sure to edit the overlapping round first.
You can have actions happen on the same date as other rounds, as long as the time keeps the rounds sequential. If you are unable to select the same date, make sure to update the time first, then select the date.
  • Click Save