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How do I extend my submissions deadline?

Extending your deadline after submissions have closed? Please read this first.

You can change your submissions deadline at any time, up to and beyond the submissions closing date. 

Remember - reminder emails for candidates to submit will go out 48 hours before your deadline. Should you wish these emails to go out, make sure you only extend your deadline the day before submissions close. Reminders will not go out again for candidates who already received them, but any new drafted entries will get a reminder 48 hours before your new deadline date.

To extend your deadline:

  • Log in
  • Go to your opportunity dashboard
  • Click on Schedule & Rounds
  • Click on the pencil icon on the far right of the Submissions row
  • Edit the close date to be the new value (please note you won't be able to pick a date and time before the submissions open).
  • Click Save