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How do I set up a public vote?

Zealous allows you to open any opportunity to a public vote.

The following needs to be considered when setting up for a public vote.

  • At least one of your round results, or your submissions, need to be made public. This will allow external users to view the results so they can vote on them
  • Public voting is not restricted to start and end dates - this is to allow them to run in parallel to other selection processes. However, you can control access to public voting by making only certain rounds results public.
  • You can manually switch voting on and off at any time.
  • Public votes are counted across the entire opportunity - so should you open to a public vote, close it, and open it again. Previous votes would still show, with new votes being added to them.
  • If you choose to judge submissions anonymously and open a public vote. The public will vote on anonymous submissions. 
When user vote for an entry, they can either log in or send a validation code to their email to confirm their vote. This ensures safe voting, and also give us the opportunity to market signing up to your newsletter (switched off by default - GDPR compliant).

To set up public voting

  • Log in
  • Go to your opportunity dashboard
  • Click on Schedule & Rounds on the bottom left menu. 
  • On the very bottom of the page, switch Public Vote to On. Users will be able to start voting immediately if any round is already published - if no round is published yet, they will be able to start voting as soon as the round is published.

You will then be able to view the total amount of public votes on your dashboard, as well as order submissions from most votes to least votes.