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Overview of Reports

As the admin for an opportunity, you can download reports for the submissions you have received. These include:

  • Submissions (pdf) - a PDF file for each submission, including all of the candidate's information, works, answers to questions on your application form and contact details.
  • Applications Report (csv) - a complete breakdown of all applications you have received, including answers to your application forms.
  • Work Report (csv ) - individual works submitted to you, especially useful should you allow candidates to submit multiple elements in one submission.
  • Fee Report (csv ) - a breakdown of all the money you have raised through fees, including a breakdown of Stripe costs and Zealous fees.
  • Public Vote Report (csv) - totals of public votes for all the candidates that submitted to you.
  • Newsletter Sign-up Report (csv ) - anyone who expressed an interest in being added to your newsletter when they were confirming their public vote.