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Understanding our Fees

As of the 9th of October 2019 we have changed our pricing to reflect feedback you have given us, and our coming out of beta. Your existing plan will be valid until its expiry date (usually a year after your first opportunity with us). 


Our services are priced per month based on the number of submissions you take throughout the year. We also provide you with 2 types of plan - 

  • Basic - all the functionality to effectively manage submissions for your open calls.
  • Pro - the same as basic with more judges, more rounds (e.g. shortlisting) and public vote (number of judges and rounds are counted as per opportunity).

Click here to view a breakdown of our pricing.

Plans created after the 9th of October '19

Should you be taking submission fees through Zealous the following costs apply:

  • Zealous takes 3.5% on all submission fees, across all plans, this does not include the transaction costs through our payment gateway (Stripe). 
  • Stripe costs depend on the method of payment used by your candidates - this can vary between 1.4% + 20p to 2.9% + 20p. 

You can view the approximate value of your income when you add the fees to your call.

Plans created before the 9th of October '19

Submission fees through Zealous are based on the plan you are currently on and include all transaction costs through Stripe.

  • Basic - 9.8% of your fee
  • Pro - 8.3% of your fee

You can view the approximate value of your income when you add the fees to your call. 

Once your annual plan has expired, or you run out of submissions, you will be asked to upgrade to our new plans.

Cancelling your plan

You can cancel your plan at any time - providing you don't have an ongoing opportunity. An ongoing opportunity is any opportunity that has been published and hasn't yet announced the final results. This is to protect candidates that have submitted to your opportunity. 

Canceling your plan will credit your account with the remaining value of your package (if you have paid monthly, then up to the end of the month, if you have paid yearly, then up to the end of the year). You will be able to use this credit against the future use of Zealous.