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What happens when selection is in progress?

At the end of each round, you will be asked to make your selection. The Selected candidates will go onto the next round, or if this is your final round, they will be marked as the "winners" of your opportunity.

The candidates will only be informed of their results, and the next round will only begin(if there is one) once you have confirmed your selection.

Next step

  • If you have a round with judges after this one > Judging starts on next round
  • If you have a round with no judges after this one > Make your selection for the next round (this article!)
  • If you have no further rounds. 
    • 🎉Woohoo! You've completed your opportunity. Worth taking a look at how to download reports and get in touch with those you selected!

Automated emails

When selection is confirmed

  • Round announcement date is in the future
    • Selection confirmed 📧 to 🏢 opportunity host 
  • Round announcement date is in the past
    • See when results are published below 

On the announcement date

  • Selection is not confirmed
    • Confirmation required for this round 📧 to 🏢 opportunity host
  • Selection is confirmed
    • See when results are published below  

When results are published

  • Final round
    • Congratulations 📧 to 👩 successful candidates   
    • Commiserations 📧 to 👩 unsuccessful candidates
    • Results published 📧 to ⭐ confirmed judges   
    • Opportunity complete 📧 to 🏢 opportunity host 
  • Not the final round
    • Congratulations, going onto next round 📧 to 👩 successful candidates  
    • Commiserations 📧 to 👩 unsuccessful candidates
    • Round complete 📧 to 🏢 opportunity host