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What happens when submissions open?

When the submissions open date is reached, Zealous will automatically allow candidates to submit to your opportunity. They will be able to submit and edit their submissions until the submissions deadline.

During this time you can view all submissions and contact candidates directly. This allows you to catch issues early. You will also be able to keep track of progress from your dashboard and measure the impact of your marketing.

Judges invited to score the round directly after submissions close won't have access to submissions until submissions end. This is as candidates can edit their work during this period.

Next step

Automated emails during that period

When a submission is made

  • Submission confirmation 📧 to 👩 the candidate
  • First submission received 📧 to 🏢 opportunity host  

2 days prior to submissions closing

  • Reminder to submit 📧 to 👩 all candidates with draft submissions